Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Everything Larry Quinn Touches Dies

South Buffalo's Tim Kennedy went to salary arbitration with his hometown Sabres and got his 1 million dollar contract bought out by the club today.

Lesson: never go to arbitration if you want to remain a Buffalo Sabre (see Briere, Daniel and Dumont, J.P.)

What I don't get about all of this is Kennedy was scheduled to make ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Are the Sabres that bad off financially where a million bucks is too much for a player, or is it a million bucks is too rich for that type of player. I'd like to think it's the latter, but I'm not sure. Especially when Darcy Regier said today the club was over their self imposed budget. Another thing I don't get is why couldn't you have both Kennedy and new Sabre d-man Shaone Morrisonn. I think I finally understand what's going on at One Seymour H. Knox III Plaza.

Darcy deserves blame for his trade deadline failures (Torres, Bernier come to mind), as well as his constant lack of understanding the marketplace. Yet, he's not the one who sets the budget. Tom Golisano's living in the FLA, so who knows how much attention he's giving the Sabres. Yet, it's his team, and he must decide what the budget is. Lawrence Quinn's here every day, knows what's going on with the on and off ice product, and must clearly have some say in the yearly budget.

Based on the above, I must draw two conclusions. 1) Larry Quinn is fully responsible for this shit. 2) The Sabres PRIMARY goal is to make money. The Stanley Cup is a SECONDARY goal.

These two quotes from Regier today say it all: "Ownership has been terrific" and "Best possible team with the resources we have".

No, Ownership hasn't "been terrific", and this isn't the"Best possible team with the resources we have". To put it bluntly, Larry Quinn is a god damn failure. The Sabres went to the Eastern finals two straight years after the lockout. They haven't recovered since the 06-07 off season disaster. The Canalside people (of which Quinn is a big part of) courted Bass Pro for 10 years, only to have Bass Pro say no. Canalside will never come to fruition. The waterfront will remain as it is now. Destitute.

Everything Larry Quinn touches dies. It's time for Larry Quinn to go.

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