Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bisons Suggestion Box

Baseball's one of my three favorite sports, along with hockey and auto racing.

I watched almost all of the Bisons games on TV this year, and the fact that Coca-Cola field at times looked like a ghost town was certainly disappointing. I read Mike Harrington's article in the Buffalo news this past Sunday, and I have to say, I pretty much agree with everything said in the article.

There are a myriad of reasons for the low attendance over the last few years. There's less disposable income out there with the Bills and Sabres and the countless festivals in the summer. Fans aren't happy with the Mets. There's a belief that the Mets didn't try hard enough to put a winner on the field. I think a reason for lowered attendance, especially the last couple of seasons,has been because of the Sabres and the Terry Pegula effect on the community. Everyone's gravitating to the Sabres because of him and the great things he's doing for the team and the area around the building (Alumni plaza, Webster Block, etc.), and rightfully so.

So, what can the Bisons do? I've got a few suggestions:

  • First of all, remove some of the seats. There's no reason why the park downtown should have anymore than 13,000 - 15,000 seats. There's very little chance Buffalo will ever get a MLB team. Take out some seats. Removing seats could create standing room only areas, to which you could sell tickets there for 4 or 5 bucks. You could also use the area to add tables for people to sit and eat while watching the game.

  • It is totally unacceptable for the scrolling signs along the base sides to say "welcome to coca-cola field" all game long. Add a ribbon board along the entire facing of the club level so fans can see the score of the game, game stats, and the out of town scores.

  • I was in Washington last Thursday for the Cubs/Nats game. The Nats have all the team flags on top of the stands around home plate as these pictures illustrate. Could it kill the Bisons to put the IL team flags anywhere? It would be a nice touch.

  • Add wi-fi in the park. Social media is big nowadays. Adding wi-fi would be a boost for people who want to tweet about the game or post things about the game on facebook. It also could allow people to get stats of the game or listen to the radio broadcast from their seats
  • Bringing the Toronto Blue Jays on board as the parent club next year will help. You could create ticket packages allowing fans the chance to watch both the Blue Jays and Bisons in the same day and draw fans from the GTA and Southern Ontario. I would be interested in doing a Jays/Bisons doubleheader. I'm sure some other fans here would be as well.

Hopefully the Bisons read this blog or Mike's article in the paper. Being tied to the Jays will help, but the herd can do things to help themselves at the box office in 2013.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Just Decided To

Yes, I know I wrote an entry about this a couple of days ago, but I don't know what happened to it, so I decided to write it again. You'll live.

I own Animaniacs and Daria on DVD. I'd much rather watch those than the stuff on TV today.

Two reasons. 1) I believe most of what's on TV nowadays is pure garbage. 2) The last show I devoted time to watching religiously was cancelled one season in. So, one night I was watching HBO, and a promo came on for The Newsroom. I thought the promo was good so, I decided to watch it. It also has AOTS alum Olivia Munn. That's not the reason I decided to watch the show, but it doesn't hurt the cause.

The setting for the show is the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN). The main storyline is centered around the equally fictitious "Newsnight with WIll McAvoy". McAvoy has found out all his staff is leaving for a new show at the network. Thus, he gets a new executive producer who just so happens to be his ex-girlfriend. There is a secondary storyline involving the kinda sorta maybe love triangle involving the associate producer of News Night, the outgoing EP of News Night who's leaving for the new show, and a producer who was offered another job when MacKenzie's (the new EP and Will's ex) previous show was canceled but turned it down to follow her to News Night and develops feelings for the associate producer. Olivia plays Sloan Sabbith who is a financial analyst with a show on the network. Get all that?

The show uses real life events like the BP oil spill, SB 1070, the forced ejection of Egypt's president, and the protests of Wisconsin teachers.

I thought the pilot was outstanding. 75 compelling, gripping minutes of TV. Episode 2, I thought, was extremely disappointing, concentrating heavily on the aforementioned might be love triangle. Episodes 3 and 4 were better. The most recent episode was very good. It gives the audience a glimpse into what goes on at a place like FOX news or CNN or MSNBC, although I don't believe everyone gets together during the show meetings and recite the script from Rudy at the drop of a hat (execpt Shepard Smith. He's the ONLY one I could see doing that. Hell, he's the only who goes out of his way to mention Ole Miss football. Even when it's not practical, but i digress). Nor do I believe everyone goes to a local karaoke bar after the show. I truly believe the people on those shows are nothing but effete, narcissistic, hypocritical slime.

Back to the pilot for a quick sec. I knew after Will's opening rant, I had made a good decision in watching the show.

Overall, I like the show. I know Sorkin's style isn't for everyone. I'm really glad I gave the show a shot, and I'm really happy to hear it has been renewed for a second season.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Boston Massacre

I'll get to the Bruins game in a moment, but first, I'd like to address something.

Last week after the Jets game, I said some critical things about the top 6 forwards. Let me clarify. Derek Roy had a good three games, yes. However, in the 12 previous games, ONE goal. Not acceptable for the "number one center". Drew Stafford has 4 goals. Yes, he scored in the win vs Calgary, but the last goal before that was vs Pittsburgh October 15th, a stretch of 7 games. Maybe I'm being too unrealistic on this one, but I expect more than three goals from Nathan Gerbe. Leino? Nothing offensively. Captain Pominville? He's been OK. I guess I'm being a little too selfish for wanting a little more from #29.

Vanek? No problem there. He's fine.

In hindsight, Twitter probably wasn't the best medium for this particular discussion. I needed more than 140 characters to make my point clearly. Maybe I'm being too hard on them. After all, they had won 4 straight (before the Bruins game, which I'll get to in a sec). With Terry Pegula's purchase of the Sabres sending everyone into a frenzy, the expectations have gone through the roof.


As far as the Bruins game Saturday night is concerned, I'm not going to get worked up over a loss. They had won 4 straight before this. I'm more pissed about the Lucic hit on Miller. Somebody should have done something. Yeah, Lucic's big, bad, and in the words of Pierre Mcguire, a monster. Lucic's physically intimidating, I get it, but still..........

No, I don't want Vanek to go punch Lucic. Here's the understatement of the century: Vanek's gonna get his jaw or hand broken by Lucic. He's too valuable to lose for the season. I don't want anyone touching Lucic. Someone could have knocked down Tim Thomas, or Nathan Horton, or Tyler Seguin, or someone, though. Gaustad was out there on the ice at the time, but who else? Regehr? He was brought in for toughness, supposedly. This quote's the best he could do: "You want to stick up for one another and be there for one another. Do I think we could have done a better job of that? Yeah. Yeah, I do." Myers? He got knocked down by a pixie Tuesday vs Winnipeg. Sekera? Pffft!!!! Hell, I'm still waiting for this team to respond to Johnny Boychuk's antics from the playoffs two years ago.

They're soft. I'm not saying. People in the know are saying it. Respected people. People who have forgotten more about hockey than I'll ever know are saying. Billy Jaffe on MSG's "hockey night live" Saturday apparently called them soft. Mike Milbury (yes, I know what you're going to say about Milbury, and while I agree, save it. There will be other times to address his stupidity) apparently was baffled by the lack of response.

This quote from the NESN game recap says it all: "But the Sabres are a new school type of team. They tucked their tails between their legs and let themselves be run out of the building."

That hit, and the lack of any retaliation, sent the game down the tubes.

If Buffalo goes out and wins 4 or 5 in a row, will we forget this incident. Probably. Until the Bruins show up on the schedule again. We shouldn't, though. They are getting killed nationally. Take this, put it on the bulletin board and build off it. It should never happen again. And it shouldn't be forgotten.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travelin' Man

I don't get to travel a lot. Recently, I went to Pittsburgh and just a few days ago, I was in Washington. But hey, show, don’t tell, right?
Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh

PNC Park (Also Pittsburgh)

Nationals Park In Washington D.C.

"Entertainment" During The Rain @ Nationals Park

I could have gone by plane and got there in an hour or less. I could have gotten in the car and drove to both. I went by bus. Riding on the bus feels like a throwback to days gone by, before planes were the big thing. You get a chance to see America. Not just Pittsburgh and Baltimore and your big cities. I'm talking about Sunbury, PA and Cockeysville, MD. Look out the window and see people mowing the lawn or going to the store. Going about their lives. Going through the towns at 2 AM still is interesting, even if nothing's open. It's also real good for the budget.

Yet, I found something peculiar.On the way to Washington, the bus stop for Harrisburg is the parking lot of a mall. Not ideal, but understandable. The bus stop for Baltimore is also in a mall parking lot. Really? Don't understand that. You would think a big city like Baltimore would have their stop downtown. During my Pittsburgh trip, we stopped in Erie. Actually, it was the Presque Isle Casino outside(?) Erie. Go look for Presque Isle Casino on google maps, I dare you. You won't find it. We stopped at a place that doesn't exist. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as the games I saw? The Pirates defeated the Cardinals 5-4 in 11 innings despite Albert Pujols' 30th HR of the season. Garrett Jones hit a walkoff HR in the 11th into the Allegheny river. The Dodgers beat the Nats 7-4 in game one of what was supposed to be a traditional doubleheader. Game 2 got rained out.

All in all, it was fun! Which is what this is supposed to be about.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staying Busy

Hi world! I'm still here. I haven't left or anything. Life got in the way of this blog and twitter. As such, I haven't been able to give my thoughts on...well...THINGS!!! So...................

Sabres offseason stuff:  The Regehr acquisition was very solid, even if we did have to take Ales Kotalik back. Here's all you need to know about Regehr:

Christian Ehrhoff has the longest contract of any athlete in Buffalo sports history at 10 years and 40 million dollars. It's a wonderful job of circumventing the cap, but not really circumventing the cap. Very reasonable salary cap numbers. Should help the power play tremendously.

That brings us to Ville Leino. Gotta admit, 6 years and 27 mill for a guy who hasn't played center in a while is very risky, but a risk T-pegs and company needed to take. I never thought for a second Brad Richards was going to end up here, as nice a thought it was. They needed to get some one in here who can put the puck in the net, and Leino's that guy. I'll be interested to see what happens.

I feel like I'm forgetting something...Oh yeah...TIM CONNOLLY'S GONE!!! SEE YA! BYE! Good luck in Toronto.

That statement alone makes this a very good offseason for the Sabres.


From the "what I've done on my summer vacation to date" files, I recently went to a Rochester Red Wings game at Frontier Field, as the following photographs show.

Bet You'll Never Guess What This Is A Picture Of!
Although The Sky Looks Ugly, The Game Went On. It Too, Was Ugly.

It was my first visit to the yard in Rochester. Pretty nice. The Game? Not so much. Rochester lost to Syracuse 9-2.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pegula Power?

Sorry, haven't blogged or tweeted for a while. Didn't miss anything, did I? Good!

Since the last time we spoke, your Buffalo Sabres are 5-1-2 since Terry Pegula officially took over the team. "Pegs" has been on the road with the team, including the team's first regulation loss Tuesday night in Pittsburgh. Even with the loss, everyone's absolutely excited about the playoff push.

So, why don't I see it the same way?

Don't get me wrong, I think the new owner is great. I'm just not sure the new owner is the reason for their improved play. I'm also not sure I saw the same games as my fellow Sabre bloggers and fellow Sabreland residents. I thought they were completely outclassed in both Carolina and Philadelphia, yet somehow managed to earn three out of 4 points.  The Minnesota game was OK, but again they were humiliated Tuesday in the 'burg. The Penguins swept the Sabres this season 4-0-0. No shame in that, I suppose. Pittsburgh's a much better team than Buffalo.

Not sure everyone would agree with the above paragraph, and that's fine. That's what makes this little blue marble turn around the sun, ya know? I think everyone would agree that there IS shame in losing three of four to the Islanders. Am I right? How about being humiliated by the St. Louis Blues? The first Florida road trip of the season, specifically the 1st game at the Panthers? Am I supposed to just forget those games were ever played because we have a new owner?? Sorry, can't do that.

If it's not the new owner, then it must be the acquisition of Brad Boyes, right? I think the jury's still out on that one. No debate that Boyes has done well in his first few games as a Sabre. Call me at the end of the month.

So, what's the reason for the improved play? I don't know. More importantly, are they going to make the playoffs while being on this run? I still say no. I think Carolina's better than the Sabres. I still think the Rangers are better. The Devils are on fire, somebody put them out. 20-2-2.

Again, not sure everyone would agree with the above paragraph, and that's fine. I think everyone would agree that the real reason they'll be golfing in April this year? The power play. It's been horrid. Has been horrid. Horrid with Boyes. Horrid without Boyes. Need to score on the PP once or twice to make me feel better about them. Is it asking too much for one power play goal.

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